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Thursday – a Red-letter day: Junior section classes were eager about their spelling finalist. In the first half Class IIIs and IVs had their completion.


It was very tough completion between all the sections of IIIs. Naheel of III-E won the spelling bee and was suggested as a spell master and received a spell master badge. All Class IV, V finalists were prepared with hard work and courage. The preparation was shown off from all the competitors. Hadia Yosuf of Class IV-L won among the four spellers receiving a spell master badge.


The event begane with the Tilawat-e-Qur’an. Class V were introduced and settled on the stage. Mrs. Ruqaya asked the spellings. Some children got the spellings right and some couldn’t. At last V-S girls cheered happily because Mariam Azar won.


Then it was Class Vis turn. Larib Najam VI-E, Javeria Faraz VI-G, Sohib Jamad VI-S, Rafay Rehman VI-L, and Mohmad Mustafa Tariq of VI-V were the competitors of spelling bee Class VI. Mrs. Fauzia asked them one by one and the five children spelled them. The boys were the first to get knocked out. The competition was between Larib and Javeria, Larib spelled the word incorrectly, and Javeria became lucky!


All ten participants were given participation certificates and the winners were given spell master badges. After this thrilling event all the classes formed a line to their classes cheering for their best spellers.


By Dheeraj Kumar, dotGS Reporter, Junior Section